Pure Storm

Like a Divine flood, the Storm Lord

Scours the heavens of unrighteousness 

Making pure the vault of eternity 

For the becoming of He Who Gives Life

~~Feral Goddess, A. Green-Muilenburg


My Beast

Like storms on the ocean
My soul is tossed and tormented
Yet life circles restlessly below the tempest
Leviathans that rarely seek the sun
Erupt into my oxygen infested skies
A reminder of the beast that drives us
~~Feral Goddess,  A. Green


C means Continue

As C word week  comes to a conclusion I find messages from Deity well confounding, caring, concerning and categorically confusing I know it’s because I’m confused on capitulation ACK!!

Messages from Aset. Oh how I wish I could circumvent these C Words


Clairvoyant – Call – Completeness

This C week has been a real B. Just saying the authenticity of these past 2 weeks has been CRUCIFYING !!

Like PMS for The Kraken.  Navigate  that ocean’s storm ha! !

And the swell rises and Engulfs me again.

Next time fellow Feral God(dess)s