As my earthbound soul seeks liberation
I straddle the gate of tomorrow
Beholding the Divine emergence
Again my spirit is filled with yearning
Now the Great One approaches
Brushing my wildness with memory
Reminded of home –  my heart aches
~~Feral Goddess, A Green-Muilenburg



I stand at the convergence of all creation
Here the old-world lays dead
And the new world is yet unborn
In cosmic thunder, I am conquered
For the vault of heaven cracked open
With a bloody cry the Uncreated One
Heralds the birth of the Divine Hawk
With soul stretched to eternity
I am made new again 
~~Feral Goddess, A Green-Muilenburg


In mist I stand at inception
Chanting the Great Hawk forth

Shrouded He ascends for the faithful

Muted fire purges the worthless

Sacred scalding bathes this soul

He soars aloft a blazing watchtower

In hallowed fire – I become

~~Feral Goddess, A. Green-Muilenburg



A rift in the heavens

Scorches my very soul

This burning need to ravage

My fragile design

Flames my ascension

Becoming what my Ib craves

Redemption through the inferno

~~Feral Goddess, A. Green-Muilenburg


Spectral KA

Ghosts from the last world

Flit across my heavens

Tracking the extinct night

Fleeing from their becoming

They are echoes of my soul

Which races in quest of my heart

Beating at the feet of my next life

~~Feral Goddess, A Green-Muilenburg



The entire world seeks to engulf me
I am misplaced in this noise called civilization
Drowning in a sea of uninspiring uniformity
This unholy culture seeking to brand me
Perpetually with the seal of sameness
Storms I raise in defiance my whirlwind of chaos
The masses cry heretic as my soul bleeds for true
~~Feral Goddess, A Green-Muilenburg



Sorrow mars the heart of the Uncreated One

For man has torn at his own soul

Perceive the wicked and the righteous

See the fallen and the risen all are wounded

This human child that struggles against itself

Rending its own flesh from bone 

Bleeding our humanity stained with cold hate

Wretched in our fear and loneliness

None are complete all are unfinished works

Know that your place is with your brethren

In the heart of the Divine oh child of man

Do not forsake each other

~~Feral Goddess, A G. Muilenburg