Burned Into Life 

In fiery chaos I emerge again
Sacred fire searing my heart
The exactness of my becoming
Coalesces these bones
Riveting me in this place
Making firm the foundation
Of the all that is under heaven
Searing this path of truth
~~Thy Daughter, A. Green-Muilenburg



I am yearning for other worlds

Realms buried between heartbeats

Kingdoms hidden in the flicker of a flame

Infinities veiled in the eyes of the outcast

Suffocation is all this world offers

Adrift on this sea of corruptness that engulfs all

A tainted existence caressed by fleshy automatons

Echoing their lives in orgiastic consumerism

Trafficking pieces of flesh to eat their own souls

Where are the high towers of knowledge?

The honorable guides to truth and uprightness?

I am seeking the hidden sanctuary

Show me the inner sanctum

I will essay the perilous precipice to find

That sacred place – –  the gate of my heart

~~Feral Goddess, A. Green-Muilenburg


In mist I stand at inception
Chanting the Great Hawk forth

Shrouded He ascends for the faithful

Muted fire purges the worthless

Sacred scalding bathes this soul

He soars aloft a blazing watchtower

In hallowed fire – I become

~~Feral Goddess, A. Green-Muilenburg


Scorching my Mortality

Before the gray veil fell
Blinding my eyes again
Scorching my inner horizon
Amidst sullen vapors
Steaming from rebirth
Only to be shrouded again
Causing my mortality
To continue the search
And my heart to invoke
All that is sacred inside
To come forth
~~ Feral Goddess, A.G. Muilenburg



Real Life


Flesh framed in distraction
Blasphemy from beyond
Seeking to hide my spark
Pursuing me unto annihilation
My soul etched in sacred fire
Rises to the edge of gods chaos
In perilous labor I am brought forth
I rise true and free into my real life
~~Feral Goddess, A. G. Muilenburg