Wild Heka

In Her madness there was magic
Ecstatic Heka forged Her being 
A tempest woven from the universe 
Became Her stained shroud 
A holy testament of ascension
Loamy chaos engulfed my own descent
My heka thrusting fierce spears
Against the deathless Eye
Delivering blindness and truth 
Now taking up Her garments
My own wildness is quickened
~~Feral Goddess, A. Green-Muilenburg



Extinction claims the familiar

As I roam this alien ether

My ark oared with scars

Lightening for a rudder

Sails of darkness billow

With the breath of leviathans

Of my own construct

That seek my inner fringe

No safe harbor will take

This fragile cargo

Yet my oath propels my quest

Of endless hope

~~Feral Goddess, A Green-Muilenburg

Treaty with Madness

My dragon scales have become ruffled of late.  I feel all puffed up like an angry cat.  The sea of madness has risen so that I am seeping brine through my skin from the deep these days. As I walk this path of Aset this path of grief and despair I have decided to make treaty with insanity and enter the gates of hell, with regal head held high daring chaos to dance with me.  In my descent into the Duat I could care less if I find salvation or am washed clean in my search for the beloved.  I am hurting and I am hunting  – – as surely as the leopard watches from concealment, strategizing my move then rushing into the open with paralytic scream to immobilize that which I wish to bring down; this is how I pursue my demons; on fire with madness for my weapon and oblivion watching my back.

I find in this sweet demented haze chaos is an ardent lover, whispering to me secrets of the void, the ancientness of destruction; the lullaby of Kali herself with overtures of the bloodlust of Sekhmet.  Caressing the deepest parts of my soul – inflaming me with the desire to annihilate all things and start over or swim in the intoxicating embrace of nothingness for a time.  For this chaotic lover I have left all sensibility behind.  My objective is staring me down daring to engulf me in its own being and I am not adverse to this.  This demon has mocked and betrayed me; demanding satisfaction at the hands of the mad; I will not be deterred or swayed in the execution of my mad heart’s desire. The dance of destruction and dining on my enemy’s heart shall be fitting of Kali and Sekhmet as well.

Suffice to say I am doing some Magical working this week as I am focusing a lot of my energy and attention there.  It’s a work that has needed to be done for some time and I am hopeful once its accomplished I can move on from the travesty that demanded the necessity of such a working.  Anesthetizing the wound and removing the poison – by any means necessary.  Besides scars are perfect roadmaps telling a story without words.


Asking about the status, timing and outcome of my working

Status – King of Cups – being generated, connecting, creating

Timing – 3 Cups – good fortune in next 3 months

Outcome – 5 Swords Winn at all costs. walk away when the fight is done . Take back power but beware could lead to hollow victory

2 extra explanatory cards for 5 Swords

Sun – Success

Strength (rv) – rest