Transfixed by this hallowed pyre
Clinging to the last flicker of creation
The void ushers in the dying
My world is spent and death ebbs in
Soothing me in its darksome cloak
Destruction is found in the turning of worlds
Gently in holy conflagration we flow into the Duat
Pulled by the sacred Barque of Night
~~Feral Goddess, A. Green-Muilenburg


Wild Heka

In Her madness there was magic
Ecstatic Heka forged Her being 
A tempest woven from the universe 
Became Her stained shroud 
A holy testament of ascension
Loamy chaos engulfed my own descent
My heka thrusting fierce spears
Against the deathless Eye
Delivering blindness and truth 
Now taking up Her garments
My own wildness is quickened
~~Feral Goddess, A. Green-Muilenburg


I missed a week due to horrendous happenings in this humans heart!!

It’s my birth month I’ll be 48 (HUH) on the last day of the month.   And I continue my search of power words.   We are now up to  H …

Hell, hate, holy, honest, happy, humorous, hammer, honorable, harvest, hero, haunting, harmonious, hope, human!!  My fav for the week Heliolater – one who worships the sun.

My reading from Heru-Ur today. Hhhmm. Having honest heart to hearts about my question for sure.


Headstrong – Hassels – Hoax – Honorable

Seems by being headstrong and taking no prisoners I will engage in hostility or hindrances at the least.  Just remember  a spy is waiting to betray so be honorable and use common sense and don’t look back.

H week had begun. My heart is heavy and not really hopeful any more.