Path of Eternity

Hail unto thee Great Goddess
Whose wings encompass all
Painting creation with your divine breath
Adoration to the first daughter of Nuit
Who is mighty in heka
The Great Day Barque rises at your bidding
Bringing illumination to mankind
You are the path, the way to rebirth
Sing me into godhood Mistress of Magic
That I may join you in eternity
~~Thy Daughter, A. Green-Muilenburg



I stand at the convergence of all creation
Here the old-world lays dead
And the new world is yet unborn
In cosmic thunder, I am conquered
For the vault of heaven cracked open
With a bloody cry the Uncreated One
Heralds the birth of the Divine Hawk
With soul stretched to eternity
I am made new again 
~~Feral Goddess, A Green-Muilenburg

Fierce Scorching


Into infinity I have gazed at His marvels
Now all that I perceive is His majesty
I stand in His Fierceness
As the wonders of His radiance
Scorches away all that does not serve
Searing away the immaterial
From flesh to bone I am remade
So that I remain His luminous child
Content to reflect His splendor
Let me find favor with thee Glorious One
And bask in your magnificence for eternity
~~Thy Daughter, A Green



I have launched myself into your void seeking my inner flame;

That imperishable part that has fled wounded and in shame

Languishing here in this nothingness I stumble

With only that hollow cavern where you used to be

Waiting beyond eternity to be found again; to be reunited, to be woken

The darkness around me is not as black as what has crumbled inside

The void I search most surely has its end as my wild anguish does not

Fear has no hold anymore just the unending wail of desolation

A cry from where my flame used to be; now a foul wind

Screams echoes of forgotten oaths

I can no longer bear life nor create anew

For that which sparked my soul has slipped away

Even chaos has forsaken me here at the edge of nonexistence

Leaving me beyond the edge of all worlds living yet not alive