As my earthbound soul seeks liberation
I straddle the gate of tomorrow
Beholding the Divine emergence
Again my spirit is filled with yearning
Now the Great One approaches
Brushing my wildness with memory
Reminded of home –  my heart aches
~~Feral Goddess, A Green-Muilenburg



My world begins again
Two visions chasing affinity
Crusading for the veiled crossing
Over this river of pain
With neither sun or moon as guide
We tirelessly quest to arrive
United on undefiled shores
Finding only the mists of chaos 
Obscuring our horizon
What is sought can be found 
Seek only in the liminal places
For there in the shadowland
The prize lays dreaming
This place of neither night nor day
Where the heart makes its sacred home
~~Feral Goddess, A. Green-Muilenburg

Fierce Scorching


Into infinity I have gazed at His marvels
Now all that I perceive is His majesty
I stand in His Fierceness
As the wonders of His radiance
Scorches away all that does not serve
Searing away the immaterial
From flesh to bone I am remade
So that I remain His luminous child
Content to reflect His splendor
Let me find favor with thee Glorious One
And bask in your magnificence for eternity
~~Thy Daughter, A Green