Wild Heka

In Her madness there was magic
Ecstatic Heka forged Her being 
A tempest woven from the universe 
Became Her stained shroud 
A holy testament of ascension
Loamy chaos engulfed my own descent
My heka thrusting fierce spears
Against the deathless Eye
Delivering blindness and truth 
Now taking up Her garments
My own wildness is quickened
~~Feral Goddess, A. Green-Muilenburg

Chaos Cry

​My need breaches even the heavens

Battering the gates of tomorrow

With my demand a silent screech

Like the divine hawk at birth

Thrown to the universe in fierceness

A defiant desire beyond worlds

This strangling of consciousness

Perpetuating the lie of mortal flesh

Seeding my pain 

Needing freedom from creation

Chaos my only answer

~~Feral Goddess, A. Green-Muilenburg


Extinction claims the familiar

As I roam this alien ether

My ark oared with scars

Lightening for a rudder

Sails of darkness billow

With the breath of leviathans

Of my own construct

That seek my inner fringe

No safe harbor will take

This fragile cargo

Yet my oath propels my quest

Of endless hope

~~Feral Goddess, A Green-Muilenburg