Road Too Well Traveled


Your adventure is ending.  You are beat down, dirty, exhausted and in a strange land.  You have brandished your sword, forged lost trails, worked dark magics long forgotten, raged and rampaged for your lone cause. 

You have begged in dirty cities where no one knew your face, hermited away licking wounds from the last wars scars that will never heal. You have unleashed chaos in the heart of the mob, and made love with insanity.  Now at the end of all things, the prize is not the prize you sought, your crown you have cast away as meaningless. 

Your armies have deserted you or died defending your mad cause under an exiles banner.  The demon you released has razed your kingdom scorching your flesh from bone refusing to be one with you.  Now all you seek is your fortress in the deep desert. 


The hallowed place you once called home, the one where you sang the sun from the heavens. Your rightful legacy where you conversed with the father of dragons and bathed in enchanted moon waters.  This sacred place where only the scorpions know your secrets. 

Your heart is breaking, there is no return to once upon a time and the deep desert is just a mirage you keep moving toward, for you know no other way anymore. ~~Feral Goddess, A. Green



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