Nebulous Nascence

As I start my 2016 Feralness off a bit late (but its still January) I am nudged into continuing with my power words.  Words I find truly numinous in their noteworthy nutrition, necrotic to read or nitid to say aloud for that matter.  Conveniently, I only got half way through the alphabet last year before life threw me a noxious nest of nastiness.

I am ready to begin my nomadic novel – 2016 my year of nirvanic nattiness.  This year I intend to really get outside my comfort zone and grow.  I plan to go against the grain just a bit inside where it hurts most and outside where it hurt a motherfucker who is shallow and prejudiced.  Challenging the status quo, the establishment and those that say they challenge it – arm yourselves for some nefarious nurturing by this Feral Goddess.

For all you bitches and haters – challenge accepted.  I will make sure your preconceived idea of me does not waver.  I will do nothing to change your infantile judgment based off my face, my Facebook page or your uneducated knowledge of my spirituality. In fact Ill shove it in your face – if you were only a little insecure and judgmental around me before I will make sure you are taken to a new level.

For my friends and family – yea I’m crazy and I intend to push the envelope this year but I’m not psycho and I will always behave like the goddess I am  – a lady with a mother fucking vocabulary and the divine will to go with it!


Word that inspired this month:


Find your niche nitwit then nurture that beast!!!


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