Fierce Change

I have a delicate yet fierce bunk mate at work.   I work near an airport on the 4th floor.   Right outside my window an indomitable edgy lady has taken up residence. Over the past two months I have watched her grow bigger, badder and definitely more intrepid.  She is certainly wyld and fierce.  I have named her Fiona after a particularly fiery, on the edge character from a fav series I used to watch.

She is a gorgeous black with stunning yellow markings.   My danger loving class act Fiona the Orb Weaver extraordinaire. 



Of course weavers harbor change they are creatrixes spinning their life.   This type of spider is normally found in the garden. I love her pioneering character that has brought her up 4 floors of a bldg.  She is absolutely the mistress of her life.   She re-weaves her web, her life every day!!

Undeniably meant to show me I can do the same.  

Why am I so afraid? Fierce Change. I pray I do so pray. . .


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