Middle Month Moon Miraculously Manifesting – ME


MINE – new moon, magic, mystery, mysticism, and merriment.

I have been on a hiatus from posting my alphabet safari of weekly words of mastery that are marvelous, meaningful, magical, magnificent and mighty.  I simply could not forge on with one thing and another.  I also took the time (not enough for sure) for much needed meditation and mediation.  I am still silent on some of this – the mystery of magic as it should be, but learning to manifest a new path has been moving; also excavating one’s soul, while evaluating one’s life can be beyond mountainous.  Here at the middle of the month and year, today – – I dive back in; a new migration driving my soul.

Knowing the past 14 months and this year especially seems even more maddening; I have matriculated from malicious manifestations of mistrust by humans to majestic martial maternalism received my deities.

I have mercurially moved from mellow to melancholy with meteoric forays into mutilating mercilessness.  Never a thought of misgiving for the mangling that was thrust upon me; yet I did maximum damage and I insured I multiplied it – sometimes malevolently.

There has been nothing mild about this march of mine.  In the midnight of my heart, madcap malcontent has masked my true manner.

At last – – – well not really for there is so much more to go, but today at least – maybe, I  see how, for now, my monophonic moribund husk is motionless in this mourning for what was and can never be again.  My manic malignancy must be stopped.

I must embrace the moon in my soul.  Mandatorily shake out my medicine; reaching deep inside for my magic.  Learn to dance to the merry melody my gods play deep in my soul enticing my mortality to march to magnificence – to a miracle!!



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