Leprose Learning

L week is here and feeling the itch . . . of my scales that is .  So while i just escaped from another birthday (they keep coming which is a good thing of course but that # keeps getting higher – LOL) I have had to really look at some things that are bothering me; realizing I don’t like some stuff that isn’t going to change or not fast enough for my non-longanimous little heart.  I don’t think I plan on ever liking it but  I will attempt to let my less loving nature not get lost in the limitless depths of expectancy.  Some things never get fixed, some people karma doesn’t touch or at least not the way I want it to or in the time I desire.  All I can do is leave the thought, the idea or the situation.  And hope my brain acquires languidity over the larval transgressors.

Of course this Feral Goddess doesn’t want to admit I’m struggling with Life – Love – Losing – Letting and of course LEARNING.

Look – see with my eyes, my head, my heart, my soul

Listen – this usually means lips are locked, ears, eyes, heart are open

Learn – to know, master, receive, gain, determine, apprentice

New L words i am lapping into my luminous self
Laconic – brief and to the point
Leprose – covered with scales (my fav)
Liminal – threshold
Longanimous – showing patient self control;  slow to retaliate
Lucifugal – light avoiding (my super fav)

I am bound for liminalhood this lucifrugal leprose soul.  Wishing for my sojourn in this pain to be laconic as possible,that I go through this crucible lissomely and I hope to come out the other side literate in the ways of what the gods wish for my luminous self.  I pray I let my self learn deep in the recesses of my latent heart.
As always messages from Deity are to the point once I get it -sometimes I struggle with interpreting the message but usually I eventually get it….



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