Skipped that Killer Birthday

Last week I knowingly put the kabosh on K week as it was my birthday week – March 31st.  48 annual kryptonite events climaxing in a kaleidoscopic moment.

The past 12 months has been killably kinetic to say the least.  What a hard journey around the sun 47-48 was.  Horrendous in its revalatory re-structuring in the wake of my destruction.  As my

The storm of my creation has washed over me – taken me into a kaotic maelstrom from which i wish there was release yet fearing the normalcy of calm.  The chaos has become knife-like in its knowingly keen dissection of my soul revealing my kalon (beauty that is more than skin deep). Kismet cannot be avoided kamerad (surrender) my hardest lesson – again – always!!

1 bday reading

I will keep most of this reading to myself.  But the Hanged Man in the position of Help tells me kamerad  – surrender, let it go, spiritual growth, hold to higher values = = initiaion.

The Ace of Swords is the Gift – movement – power – cut through the crap with Kutting timing

With the advent of my latest solar return I have also devoted myself to the God who spoke the world into existence, the Thrice Great Voice of RA.  He who Judges with the Moon in his Eye.  But this is saved for M week which is in 2 weeks.  At least this girl storm is learning to keep my lips shut and not give warnings before I KRASH on the rest of the fragile beach komposted of human souls.


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