Juxtaposed Js

Will another jagged week went jutting off into jeopardousness.  J week almost jetted past

Js are good for:  Just as in just do it, justified, justice, justifiable, JUST!!!  Justice from judgement.   But we must also have jocularity in life as well.   Journal that jealousness and give the world a jolly face…  Yea applicable to the Januses of our world.

So Js aren’t all nice I think for the most part.   The very sound is if J is judgmental a jolt forcing a decision with your mouth.  Js can jinx us, judge us, jitter us, jam us, joke us, jade us – – justifiably jerk us around making us jealous.   Sometimes though Js can make us joyful which is just as well.

Today’s draw a message from Djehuti


Judge intuitively jeer at the jarring jostling and jugulate that fear –just make that decision.


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