I missed a week due to horrendous happenings in this humans heart!!

It’s my birth month I’ll be 48 (HUH) on the last day of the month.   And I continue my search of power words.   We are now up to  H …

Hell, hate, holy, honest, happy, humorous, hammer, honorable, harvest, hero, haunting, harmonious, hope, human!!  My fav for the week Heliolater – one who worships the sun.

My reading from Heru-Ur today. Hhhmm. Having honest heart to hearts about my question for sure.


Headstrong – Hassels – Hoax – Honorable

Seems by being headstrong and taking no prisoners I will engage in hostility or hindrances at the least.  Just remember  a spy is waiting to betray so be honorable and use common sense and don’t look back.

H week had begun. My heart is heavy and not really hopeful any more.


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