Gravitational Gargoyles

As I become more observant of who I was, who I am, and who I am becoming I am finding all sorts of gray grotesque things are gushing forth.  These growing monsters are not going they are coming out of hiding to take up residence.  I have been germinated with gargoyles that have been immobilized like stone in the halls of my soul for too long and are now free.  Inflicting only minor occasional grievances; waiting as they fed on meager grains for existence.

They have come out of the monster closet in full force, taken the best seat in the house and demanded beer and bean dip with their chips.  Some are unbathed and uncouth and others are sleek and dangerously beautiful – deceptively so.  They have been gainsaid too long and are asking for equal play and equal pay.

It’s past time to galvanize this gravitational girl – gleam my inner goddess into genuine goodness.  Release the gyve on my heart, my soul and my mind be groundbreaking and gutsy again

Of course message from the Great Falcon.


Genuine – Great Falcon – Gear Up

What will be will be will be little gypsy.  The Great Falcon looks over me, protecting me. So wake up to my higher calling.


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