Facinorous Fun

Now we are up to F Word Week. Of course the bestes F Word springs to my flippant forebrain.  The Funnest F Word ever.   Fuck of course. But in all Fairness there are further fantastic F words like fetching, fiery, faithful,  forthright, forgiving, fertile, foundational to file a few more.

Besides my Favorite F Word not to mention FERAL as well  I have found fissiparous – tending to break up into parts sits nicely on my tongue   And my personal new fav ‘Facinorous’ – atrociously wicked.  Oooo I love that word and definition.

I’m finding new words each week exciting for my psyche, my emotional stratum not to mention my intellectual sector.

May you all be Facinorous this week fellow Feral flesh! !

Cards today are an emotional message but a very good message too!

Finesse – Former Feelings – Fortunate Fulfillment Forecasted



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