This husk wanes with each progression
My gaze turning inward and distant
Seeking shores now unreachable
Wishing for release time wearies on
These bones beg freedom
Yet my soul still aches for life
Yearning for sacred illumination
That lies just beyond each death
With each dying my embers are fed
For my spark is kith and kin
To Her hallowed flame
Where I will live for true
~~Feral Goddess, A. R. Green-Muilenburg



Half Life

Whispered prayers suture my lips

in this muttered language of the departed

The sound of moths shivering in ash

Are my hemorrhaged pleas to the dead

Bartering for direction in a trackless waste

With those who have trekked ahead

Seeking either lamppost, looking glass,

Or hell wrought ring to alter this terrain

I have paused here at half-life searching

Listening for an echo of genuineness

In this now unfamiliar province

Unwelcomed I have become; outcast among the insane

The living have become too angry – too blind

Their hearts withered in pain

Engorged with poisoned information

Adrift with purposelessness on the sea of neglect

Here at half-life the next world is our salvation

~~Feral Goddess, A. Green-Muilenburg


With the pallid gaze of daybreak
Softening the blow, darkness endures
Stroking the curves of my soul
Hungering for my warring flaws
A famished lover never sated – never far
Coiled forever with my holy flame
Eternal union our endless crusade
Yet only in shadow is truce forged
And my love of darkness laid bare
For there you see my heart stains
Giving luster to my hard edges
In our undying dance I embrace you again
~~Feral Goddess, A. Green-Muilenburg

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Death’s Shroud

A maelstrom of uncertainty
Shrouds my longing
As resolve dies in my heart

Demons race through my veins
Carrying the poisonous lie of clemency
Making my heart thin and ragged

This inner shrine long abandoned
Devoid of care or worship
Has faded into yesterday

Fallen quests and duplicity
Have weakened my ramparts
Forsworn by the blind hearted

Once valued beyond rubies
My walls crumble in to the void
Beauty once divine now a hollow echo

My halls await the chosen to realign
And bring my kingdom to life again.
~~Feral Goddess, A Green-Muilenburg

Extinction’s Deluge

At the edge of oblivion Her forces gather

A ragtag cohort of the incorruptible

Defying legions of the obedient blind

She conjures The Plane of Perdition

A tempest to clear away all defilers

Ravishers of the sacred firmament

Earth desecraters they are named

Staining creation with chaos and deceit

Above and below awaits in silence

~~Feral Goddess, A. Green-Muilenburg

Path of Eternity

Hail unto thee Great Goddess
Whose wings encompass all
Painting creation with your divine breath
Adoration to the first daughter of Nuit
Who is mighty in heka
The Great Day Barque rises at your bidding
Bringing illumination to mankind
You are the path, the way to rebirth
Sing me into godhood Mistress of Magic
That I may join you in eternity
~~Thy Daughter, A. Green-Muilenburg

My Demons

My demons dwell in my scars
Caged with ropey fibers
Armored with unpigmented flesh

Fearful creatures seeking asylum
Frightened of the light and fresh air
Yet ever restless under my skin

For freedom is death if released
So they burrow into my soul
Whispering twisted truths into my heart.
~~Feral Goddess, A. Green-Muilenburg